Join this lovable crew of droids as they solve their differences the only way dubstep robots know how.


Dubstep Dispute was primarily created using Luxology's 3d solution, modo. This included modeling, surfacing, rigging, animation, rendering, and effects such as physics and volumetric lighting. Rigging the characters and environment was not overly complex but there was a fair amount of channel linking to keep all of the lights, material luminence and robot animations in sync with the music track.

Final color adjustments, levels and special effects were completed in After Effects along with the use of a slick lens flare pluggin, Optical Flares.

Most of the sound effects were recorded in house and mixed using Adobe Audition. Audition was also used to analyze the music track and break each character's part down to managable sections to then be animated in modo. The music track is an excerpt of the chorus from the song "Knights of Cydonia(Dubstep Remix)" by Nostalgia. A special thanks goes out to Nostalgia for permission to use the track excerpt for this animated short.