Excision Executioner Tour
concert visuals / projection mapping

Fluxel had the opportunity to work with EDM artist Excision for his live stage visuals. The high-resolution visuals are projected onto a 30 foot wide, three dimensional stage.

Along with the stage comes a ton of lights and lasers which is all backed by a 150,000 watt sound system.

Live photos by Rukes.com and NickKeckPhoto.com.

The Executioner Stage

Excision's custom built stage, deemed the "Executioner", was built by Heavy Industries. Along with having custom 3d graphics projected onto it, it comes equipped with a motorized window, panels that open to reveal lasers and ports that open to expose CO2 cannons for fog effects.

Heavy Industries explains, "Based on a three-dimensional surface model, Heavy Industries designed the framework for the stage to be built in 12 modular sections that could be assembled and disassembled with ease using a roto-lock system. The projection surface is made of rigid PVC plastic board, ideal for the angular surface and the projection needs of the project."

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